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Episode 81 – The One With All The Boys

This episode is sponsored by Crunchyroll, the premier destination for streaming anime and Asian media! Listeners can head to crunchyroll.com/28playslater and receive 30 days of Crunchyroll Premium FREE — unlimited anime with professional subtitles and much, much more. Paul and Kris have … Continue reading

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Episode 61 – The One With Legion

Part two of our huge visit to Irvine, California and the Blizzard offices! In this episode, the day after the Warcraft movie premiere, we get a hands-on NDA-controlled look at the upcoming WoW expansion Legion, plus big interviews with Blizzard … Continue reading

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Episode 59.5 – The One Before Big 60

Hi all! A half-episode this week as we prep for our biggest 60th episode ever! And one of our biggest episodes period. This week, we talk about Overwatch and its myriad lore hookpoints that ensnared Paul.


Episode 59 – The One With Paul In VR

Paul tries the Vive and he likes it! Plus Overwatch, Salt and Sanctuary, and an EXCLUSIVE interview with a very Australian-sounding Gabe Newell in our new segment, You Must Remember Kris.

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Episode 57 – The One With Battleborn and Uncharted 4

Woop! Don’t break your knees scrambling to listen to this full-size episode touching on Battleborn (we love it), Uncharted 4 (Paul really loves it), and your email on marketing a game to the wrong audience. Plus, Paul’s dad returns with a horoscope for … Continue reading

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Episode 47 – The One With SUPERHOT And Full House

Have mercy! Kris and Paul dive into Netflix’s Fuller House by mistake, then hesitantly back away for a discussion of the unique FPS puzzler SUPERHOT, now available on Steam. Plus, Kris looks at a listener-recommended horror game, Anatomy from developer Kitty Horrorshow. And … Continue reading

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Episode 5 – The One About Blizzard, Sort Of

Paul and Kris have the best of intentions, talking about the Heroes of the Storm beta, but the conversation rapidly turns to World of Warcraft, Diablo, being an in-game lore dad, Overwatch and other team FPSs with a lot of character, and … Continue reading

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