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Episode 83 – The One Before Christmas

‘Twas the one before Christmas, And as our podcast played Not a hard drive was whirring Not even a RAID We talk about Astroneer now in alpha on Steam, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, and how to wink properly.

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Episode 54 – The One With Cheatin’ Muggy Duggy

Back in the saddle again! Kris and Paul tackle the idea of cheating in a game — what defines it? Is it always wrong? Especially in the context of the two difficult games they’re playing: Dark Souls 3 and Hyper … Continue reading

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Episode 52 – The One Where We Play Dark Souls 3

In this special episode, Paul and Kris actually cooperatively play the game they’re talking about — and it’s Dark Souls 3! You can listen to just the audio, or watch at Chainsawsuit Original. Despite a video glitch that dealt us a From … Continue reading


Episode 51: The Short One About Dark Souls 3

A wiped-out Paul and Kris dive into Dark Souls 3, keeping it spoiler-free. Light your bonfire under this short episode, and get ready for a big surprise next week!


Episode 18 – The One With Weapon Moisture

What happens when Paul is jetlagged? He becomes filthy. So it’s the perfect time to discuss Gamescom 2015 in Germany, where many announcements and trailers are being released this week! We talk about Dark Souls III, Star Wars Battlefront, something … Continue reading

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