Episode 80 – The One With Kris’s Homework


Switch off your ambient occlusion! In this San Francisc0 treat of an episode, Paul searches for the Tanner household in Watch Dogs 2, while Kris launches the topic of playing catch-up with Paul’s insane game completion rate. PLUS: describing Paul’s handsome dad, ruined phone DLC, and multiplayer content that leaks into always-online single-player games.

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Episode 79 – The One For Thanksgiving


Stuff my turkey to the brim, we’ve a lot to be thankful for! Paul’s thankful for how many games he’s played this past week, while Kris is thankful for the ability to live vicariously through Paul. Plus — Pokemon cruelty, and just giving up on Half Life 3!

Episode 78 – The One With Dishonor(ed 2)


Big episode! Kris and Paul try to shrug off the post-election blues*, then discuss the myriad games Paul’s been playing — including a round of Payday 2 with The Stanley Parable‘s William Pugh. And from PAX Australia, we interview Arkane Studios’ Art Director for Dishonored 2, Sebastien Mitton! A fascinating look at beautiful and functional world design in games. Thanks to Bethesda for hooking us up!

* We know we’ve been on about politics for a while now. But while it may seem unrelated, a functional government underlies everything we could hope to do — including a silly podcast discussing games. We have the luxury to do so, and inasmuch as it affects our enjoyment or alters our subjectivity towards things, we think it’s sensible to bring big topics up when needed. Thanks for hearing us out, and for listening. We’d like to go back to not worrying about it too, believe me. -<3 Kris and Paul
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Episode 77 – LIVE From PAX Australia 2016!


We return to PAX Aus for another round of 28 Plays Later LIVE, featuring a new animated short, a listener question lightning round, Paul’s dad on the line, and a special performance by Tripod! Thanks to all for coming — you made for an excellent show!


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Episode 76 – The Short One About PAX Australia 2016


Next week is PAX Australia, and we’ll be bringing you our live show — but for now, Paul and Kris catch up on everything that’s happened in the last week!

Here’s where you can find Kris and Paul at the show, and the panel experiences therein!


Episode 76 – The One With Red Dead 2


We talk about a lot in this episode, but there’s maybe nothing more tantalizing than Rockstar’s teaser for Red Dead Redemption 2! Plus, Battlefield 1, listener questions, and Mary Poppins’ sex life (FINALLY).

Episode 75 – The One With Paul’s Game Overdose


It’s wayyy too many games for Paul this week, as he shares his enjoyment of We Happy Few, Quantum Break, Mafia 3, and more. Plus, Kris revisits the zombie parkour of Dying Light on Steam, and nearly gets lured into Overwatch‘s seasonal horror theme!

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Episode 74 – The One With William Pugh and Discord


We’re back, with a rambling mess of an hour featuring an interview (?) with William Pugh of Crows Crows Crows and designer of The Stanley Parable. Definitely one of our favorite guests! Plus, how William started working with Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland, Mr. Robot meets Watch Dogs, and experience the high-stakes, real-time telephony war between Skype and Discord!

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Episode 73 – The One With WoW, Wario and Wintory


It’s a powerful episode as Paul and Kris explore being dominated by WoW, Wario and Waluigi’s genitalia, and drunkenly talk to our friend Austin Wintory at PAX West 2016! Don’t desert this episode — ah, dammit, that’s a reference to something in the podcast. You wouldn’t get it yet. That was dumb of me to assume you would.

Art via DeviantArt – StupdFlips

Episode 72 – LIVE From PAX West 2016


28 Plays Later, live from the Wyvern Theatre at PAX West 2016! Paul and Kris talk about PAX, Kris’s Gears of War 4 experience, answer audience questions, and receive a little help from Elias Toufexis, the voice of Deus Ex‘s Adam Jensen. It’s a magical hour of video game silliness!!

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