Episode 88 – The One Where The Boys Stream Everywhere

Kris and Paul consider the merits of streaming, and whether or not it can be detrimental to some games! Plus, Portal Knights, Resident Evil 7, Super Mario Odyssey, and how Mario builds up enough pressure to travel through a standard PVC pipe.

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  • Pmac

    My all time favorite Stream was Alanah Pearce playing Until Dawn with her mother.

    I agree absolutely that the circumstances in which you play a game are incredibly important, but I don’t think that this means that every game must be played in complete isolation. WoW, for example, is infinitely more fun when you have people to experience it with. And looking at other media I’ve always found that watching horror movies with other people is much more fun than watching them alone. This is the experience that good streams (like Alanah’s) provide: sharing in media with a group of your buddies.

    I think that the golden rule of streaming should be that the streamer should respect the game. If you find yourself hating a game you are entirely justified in saying ‘this isn’t for me, go find a streamer who can enjoy it with you if you are into it’. Personally, I am psyched by the idea of sharing RE7 with my buddy Kris!

  • toryan

    Chip Cheezum’s let’s play of Watch_Dogs (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrekaHLD2rhb6fY-aBVl6Aic9pcaswD9d) is a really good example of how to LP a story-driven game. It’s good because you get to see all the good bits of the game without having to play through the bad bits yourself.

  • Peter K.

    Guys, guys, guys!

    There’s a short browser game that explains what’s going on with the little seen Luigi these days:

    Also, the indie film backstory of Mario and Luigi: