Episode 86 – The One With Your Questions

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Kris and Paul answer your questions from Facebook, including arcade cabinet memories, our preferred controllers for PC, and facial hair absorbency. PLUS: Pac-Man as allegory play.


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  • Great episode guys! I loved Paul’s story of going to a dive to play Time Crisis 2 and then hanging on the beach with his friends.

    In regards to fighting games and online vs in-person play, it comes down to input latency. Combos and strategies require timing down to specific frames, and online play can really mess with that. The fighting game community is huge now, and going to live events is part of that experience.

  • dragonsdoom

    Happy belated birthday Kris and Paul!

  • Pmac

    Nice Episode!
    I just wanted to put in a plug for HOTS: It has the simple yet weirdly compelling hook of shameless fanservice. Have you ever wanted to fight Diablo as Varian Wrynn? Done.
    And regarding the difficulty curve/community, I’ll say this: My 67 year old father plays the game religiously.