Episode 82 – The One About Our 2016 Games of the Year

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It’s our 2016 Games of the Year episode! The boys talk about what games stuck with them this year, Kris offers a heartwarming tale of interstellar redemption AND a review of the Steam controller, and Paul reveals the true story of Anakin Skywalker’s penis.

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  • rawfishandbeer

    Thanks for your lists, boys! Personally, I didn’t play many games in 2016 – less even than Kris – and am excited to get caught up. I’m very happy to see that Inside and Oxenfree especially are affordably priced. Thanks again for a great show.

  • Jarvgrimr

    I got a steam controller myself recently, haven’t played with it much, but used it at a friend’s house. It seemed… off. This article helped explain some of the problems.