Episode 81 – The One With All The Boys


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Paul and Kris have trouble starting the show before Kris turns in his homework assignment: Orwell. Also on the block: No Man’s Sky foundation update, getting along with other (better) players in multiplayer, what constitutes a game of the year, and Paul tags along with many a handsome boy in Final Fantasy 15.

There’s quite a few boys in this episode, so if you’re boy crazy, see if you can find all the boys! The last boy might surprise you!

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  • fishfishmonkeyhat

    It was me. I was the last boy all along.

    • The last boy was inside us all along!

      Wait, that didn’t come out right. I meant in our hearts. Our hearts!

      • paulverhoeven


  • Daddo

    It’s never the last boy. Its always boy 9 out of 14.

  • Pmac

    Kris, in your quest for the ultimate ‘Dad Game’ have you considered Hearthstone? My brother has 2 young kids and finds that it works really well as a dip-in, dip-out game. Games last 5-10 minutes, it can be mobile, and there are several accessible deck archetypes that are both fun and reasonably strong. Plus, they just introduced a really great new expansion!

  • Thedrun

    Paul – If you’re digging on FFXV, I’d definitely recommend watching the Kingsglaive movie if you haven’t. It’s a high drama prequel taking place pretty much immediately before where you start off in the game. I think it adds quite a lot to the experience and the world building. Also the 5 “Brotherhood” anime episodes brings some more backstory for Noctis and his fellow boys. The anime episodes are free on Youtube to boot!

    • paulverhoeven

      Hey mate! So, I just went and watched all five Brotherhood episodes and MY GOD they should be mandatory viewing. I suspect I’ll save Kingsglaive until after, because I’m now desperate to plow on and finish the game. But I really, truly am enjoying my first Final Fantasy experience. Which ones should I go and play afterwards?

      • Thedrun

        That’s a tricky one to answer, since they’re all rather different from FFXV, and each one has its’ own unrelated storyline (although some had sequel/spin off titles).

        Of the sprite-based ones I’d say FF6, but then you’ve played Chrono Trigger so you’ve already hit on one of the bests in that category. FF7 was the first of the 3-D Final Fantasy games so it’s rather janky looking graphics wise, but the story and characters are great – probably one of the main reasons it’s getting a remake. No voicing though.

        10 and 10-2 might be the ones to latch on to, they were redone in 2013/14 and make for a solid entry all around. Look nice, play nice, story is solid, and the two titles come together on Steam for $30 USD. It even has a mechanical similarity to FFXV in that you’ll earn points and spend them on a grid to unlock upgrades.

        Circling back around to FFXV, I was able to turn on Japanese voices right from the start. I’m on the PS4 but I had thought the audio option was available universally.

        • paulverhoeven

          Brilliant advice. Are the 13 ones any good? They LOOK good. 😀

          Also, about 20 hours in I switched to Japanese with subs and MY GOD it’s so much better.

          • Thedrun

            13 is a sticky wicket; you’ve probably hit on the least controversial statement that can be made about that trio of games – they definitely look good! Beyond that, opinions vary wildly. “It was too linear!” “The linearity was fine, it’s your Western taste that is the problem!” “The story and characters were great!” “The story was convoluted and the characters were annoying!” “It’s not a Final Fantasy game!” “It’s an evolution of Final Fantasy!” You can find all those and everything in between.

            Myself, I gave 13 the best shot I could but just couldn’t pull it through. I got something like 3/4 of the way through and I recall having a fair enough outlook on it, but another game caught my eye and when I tried to return to 13 a week or so later I’d lost all connection to it. 13-2 and Lightning Returns are on my shelf unopened though (bought well after initial release when the price came down) should I ever get motivation enough to give it another go. I think the chances are slim though =/

          • Pmac

            FF6 was a really fantastic piece of character driven story telling. I’d easily rank it up there with Chrono Trigger.

            And I don’t know if FF13 was ‘good’ per se, but I really enjoyed it. People complained about the linearity, but without getting spoilery I thought that the transition from linearity to open-world mirrored the narrative themes of loss of agency and self-empowerment in really interesting ways, and in ways that could only be conveyed through an interactive medium. But people expected a more open world experience from a FF game… a fair criticism, after all, when a game is marketted on its pedigree.