Episode 78 – The One With Dishonor(ed 2)


Big episode! Kris and Paul try to shrug off the post-election blues*, then discuss the myriad games Paul’s been playing — including a round of Payday 2 with The Stanley Parable‘s William Pugh. And from PAX Australia, we interview Arkane Studios’ Art Director for Dishonored 2, Sebastien Mitton! A fascinating look at beautiful and functional world design in games. Thanks to Bethesda for hooking us up!

* We know we’ve been on about politics for a while now. But while it may seem unrelated, a functional government underlies everything we could hope to do — including a silly podcast discussing games. We have the luxury to do so, and inasmuch as it affects our enjoyment or alters our subjectivity towards things, we think it’s sensible to bring big topics up when needed. Thanks for hearing us out, and for listening. We’d like to go back to not worrying about it too, believe me. -<3 Kris and Paul
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  • Thedrun

    Kris – Play them video games!

  • rawfishandbeer

    No need to apologize for the political talk. A lot of your listeners are sad and worried too.

  • very nice !

  • 무명

    If you really want someone(s) dead, you may well find a way to make them dead. No legislation on legal sales and registered weapons will change it.
    Australia’s had its share of stabbings this decade, despite having fairly restrictive and defined knife laws since the 90s.
    Britain has had stop and search operations since the late 2000’s, still has several thousand instances of knife crimes yearly.

    Want less people dying, want less violent people? Hope for ascension or regulate socializing, because animals are never going to stop killing.

    • Thedrun

      So… murders happen and the legal measures enacted meant to curtail and prevent murders aren’t 100% effective. I guess these aren’t really disputable statements, but what’s the point being made here? That we should all have handguns at arms reach at all times because murder isn’t 100% preventable or… what?

      • 무명

        Just has to be said that “feel’s good/right” legislation is the same level of pointlessness as people that own firearms, knives, flashlights, blankets, stores of freeze dried foods, ingots of precious metals simply because they serve as a totem of safety. It feels good to deny people a right to certain acts, but if it does not change fundamental truths or alter the events of people at their lowest, is it worth it to pile sadness/alienation unto an innocent party.
        Ban the sales/production of media that feature hetero normative narratives in light of a rape.
        Limit number of vehicles per household due to the likelihood of stolen cars being utilized in the course of bank robberies.
        Restrict cellphone ownership of phones in certain demographic ranges because of the ever increasing statistic of texting while driving deaths.
        Tout whatever changes you want, just at least admit to yourselves that you probably aren’t going to make the world more sanitized, safer, or better once you make the change.

        I’m of the mind that one should do what one can to loosen restrictions and lay paths for more freedom. There’s no knowing or even comprehending the lives of the generation four times down the line, what right have we to confine them to our standards?

        • Thedrun

          While I agree with the notion that laws shouldn’t be enacted merely because they seem like the right thing to do and that lawmakers need to carefully consider how their decisions will effect all persons (ie law abiding citizens) and not just those those their laws intend to target (ie murderers), there is an equally dangerous pitfall that needs to be avoided. That is the one where we collectively throw our hands up and say that because we can’t solve a particular problem with 100% effectiveness while also ensuring that no individuals have their personal freedoms are infringed upon that we should instead do nothing.

          In short, doing things because they feel right and ignoring the negative effects is a delusion, but doing nothing and expecting improvement to come about is also a delusion.

  • kris! have some fun and drink a glass of water!

  • Sam

    Don’t be afraid to bring up politics! People need to hear a variety of viewpoints before they can even really appreciate their own.