Episode 39 – The One Where We’ve Talked About This Before


Despite the title, we actually haven’t talked about this stuff before! Kris and Paul receive some lovely emails from listeners like you, and discuss remakes and reboots, as well as a couple of newer titles: Darkest Dungeon and Pony Island, both excellent games in their own right.

Plus, thoughts on Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (which is not by the makers of SOMA as Kris mistakenly says in the podcast), Psychonauts 2, and a non-NDA-breaking whiff of an upcoming review of XCOM 2.

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  • Willie

    One correction: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture was not made by the same studio that made SOMA.

    Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture was made by The Chinese Room, the same studio that made Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. SOMA was made by Frictional Games, makers of Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. People sometimes confuse the two because they both made Amnesia games, but Frictional is the studio that made the famous one.

  • Giggleloop

    Ooh, good game suggestions, fellas. Those games that have a larger meta game component sound very intriguing to me, I think I’d like them (Pony Quest, the other one Kris mentioned). I just played Dr Langeskov last weekend, and thanks so much for recommending it, it was hilarious. Now that I have a functional monitor for my PC, I’m looking forward to playing more of my Steam backlog!

  • sheanam

    Paul, your southern accent is terrifying.

    I know one game I could recommend, but I’ve already mentioned it so often lately I feel I should probably give it a rest. 🙂 Have y’all heard of Dropsy? Haven’t played it myself, but I’ve heard from other folk that it’s quite good, an interesting take on old-school point & click adventure gaming. Transistor, Bastion, the re-released The Dig – all ones I’ve been meaning to play that have very good reputations.

  • Servbot

    I’m looking forward to playing more Darkest Dungeon once it’s out of early access. I bought it in early access but only played about 10 hours. I’ve also been playing Her Story, a game you have previously talked about.
    Thanks guys. Keep up the great ‘cast.

    • paulverhoeven

      Thanks mate! Yeah, Her Story is pretty insane.

  • Bec Hill

    Re: Space Quest/Roger Wilco/Force Awakens

    Janitor heroes:
    Abe’s Odessy
    Super Frigging Mario

    • paulverhoeven

      I’d argue against Mario, on account of the fact that plumber and janitor are VASTLY different, but you’re bang on with Abe!

  • Paul, thanks for your Dear Esther weigh-in. I did not like it; I thought it was pretentious, prattling BS. Only after I was done did I realize due to the narration bits being random, I never got the narrative bit that actually contains the plot, the twist, the whole reason you’re playing. Bravo, Chinese Room. I might gain some insight from a second playthrough, but *Krusty groan*

  • apLundell

    I love how Kris launches into a rant about how a particular argument for pronouncing “gif” the non-original way is a completely stupid argument and has absolutely no merit, while Paul just waits patiently until he’s done to make that exact same argument.