Episode 6 – The One About Deadly Premonition


Paul forces — well, coaxes —ย Kris into playing Deadly Premonition, a survival horror game he describes as Twin Peaks crossed with Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. And speaking of Wiseau, Paul shares a clip from an interview he did with Wiseau. Plus a message from Deadly Premonition‘s creator, Swery!

Plus plus an exciting announcement regarding PAX Australia!

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  • asdsd

    I wanna watch this one but I'm afraid of spoilers D:

    plz give us the deets re: spoilerino content

  • We don’t do spoilers! And if we do we generally give a yell, so don’t worry, spoiler free!

    • RoboGoofers

      I wanted to listen to the episode and hear first hand whether there were spoilers in it, but you've ruined it for me. thanks.

      • PaulFVerhoeven

        You mean i spoiled the announcement about spoilers?

        • RoboGoofers

          Exactly. next time let us know before you metaspoil.

  • Bel Biv Devoe

    Your discussion of Diablo 2 reminded me of my experience playing Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast back in the day. If you were killed mid-level, all your items were dropped and you had to come back for them. At the time I thought it was a great way to immerse the player into the world, putting real stakes into the game.

  • Sad Dad

    Hello gentlemen,
    As a father of other humans, I appreciated Kris' comment about time to play games and the disappearance thereof. I enjoy most the deep sidetracks and off-topics, as I won't ever get to play these games. Huzzah.

  • Kyle_Douglas

    "I was a big adherent to a lot of the theories that John Waters threw against the wall in terms of, like, camp. Which is what he called the tragically ludicrous."
    Oh yeah, like when a clown dies. #Fresh1997References

    "Nobody said no," is probably the most succinct description I've ever heard for The Room and similar things.

    I definitely would have liked Deadly Premonition more without the tacked-on combat hallways. Which you'd think would mean I liked Dark Dreams Don't Die more than it? But… hm, I don't know. D4's lack of closure really bugs me.
    Regardless, I am of the opinion the world is better off having at least one game with a sidequest to make and discuss eggs benedict than without it. So, fine: Bless you, Swery.

    Suggested Topics:
    The Stanley Parable, To the Moon and other purely "Narrative Games"
    Cities: Skylines and SimCity 2013 – It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times
    Far Cry Blood Dragon
    And seeing how much Kris loved the driving segments of Deadly Premonition: Euro Truck Simulator 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • JFW0RD

    Y'know, Kris, if you wanted to see what the later game was like, Supergreatfriend did a fantastic thorough LP of it on Youtube – Throw it on while playing with the kid, maybe you'll find out some bits that would let you understand the draw of the weird world of Deadly Premonition.

    Paul, I love you. You're like my Australian twin, having also been raised on Simpsons, Blackadder (and Red Dwarf) and over 500 hours of Dark Souls. Speaking of, has Kris touched it yet?

    Loving the show guys, it's nice to get through work with 28PlaysLater and Morning Rush. Both excellent in their own ways.

    Have either of you played much of the Castlevania series? A long line of classics, easy to emulate most of them, and with the Threaded Cane in Bloodborne, it's a better pseudo-spiritual-sequel to Castlevania than Lords of Shadow was as a direct sequel. If you have played them, which was your favorite? Do you prefer the older style or the MetroidVania style?

    Keep it up!

    • clay

      Seconding the Supergreatfriend suggestion. Even if (like me) you usually think Let's Plays are kind of a waste of time. The janky gameplay kept me from actually playing Deadly Premonition, but there are some fascinating ideas and genuinely compelling moments wedged between the unplayable combat, and SGF does a great job of highlighting them.

    • PaulFVerhoeven

      Hey mate! Yeah I think a bizarro lets play might help Kris, but if we were in the same room I could convert him. I might have to bribe him with candy but I could do it. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I actually played a LOT of several Castlevania games on the Gameboy Advance… adored them. Can't wait for the new spiritual successor that got Kickstarted recently!

    • skitfeller

      Seeing someone recommending that LP was a pleasant surprise. I love the guy's videos, and he's probably become my favorite commentator as of late. The game is a little too long for its own good, but I still sat through the whole thing and loved it. I was so enthralled by it I bought the awful PC port and played through the whole thing, even though it crashed every hour or so.

      …yeah, I probably won't beat the game twice, but it was the most enjoyable gaming experience I've had in years, and honestly–I couldn't tell you why. I thought the comparison to The Room made sense, but I actually found myself laughing with the game rather than at it, with the exception of some of its technical shortcomings. I really love SWERY's writing, the game is a blatant Twin Peaks rip off but it still felt fresh and unique to me, somehow. As a game, it's somewhat shoddy and almost broken at times, but what's there is so special to me.

      I'd also recommend SGF's other LPs. He just did one on the first season of D4, in case anyone was interested in the game. It doesn't disappoint.

  • FrancoisZP

    I found the actual story gets legitimately interesting about two-thirds of the way in, but I completely understand that one might find it's a lot of oatmeal to swallow before getting to the brown sugar. I don't have any of the consoles it originally released on, so I watched a Let's Play at the time to get to the good parts without having to really endure the bad parts. But I enjoyed those better parts so much that when it did release on PC I bought it immediately.

    • PaulFVerhoeven

      Yeah I'm neck-deep in the interesting stuff now, and good god, such a lovely payoff.

  • ironphan

    A few that I'd like to see to vicariously indulge my own nostalgia:

    Xenogears (ps1 jrpg masterpiece from square, last I checked it was still available on the ps3 digitally)
    Mercenaries 2
    Basically any of the oddworlds. I believe there's a recent HD remaster of the first.

    And a few because they're just goddamn excellent:

    Kentucky Route Zero
    Risk of Rain