Episode 3 – The One About Star Wars


Wars! Star! Put them together and what do you got? No! You did it in the wrong order!

Paul and Kris consider the new Star Wars: Battlefront trailer (as well as the Episode 7 trailer), and reminisce about Star Wars games from their pasts. They also lay out their concept for a Battlefront set in Downton Abbey.

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  • John Best

    Best new gaming Podcast in a long time !!!!

  • ElJordan

    Hey guys, love your podcast, not least for your sketches.
    I think in Battlefront 2 you could enter the snowspeeders on Hoth and take down the AT-ATs as well, though you needed a second crew member and some serious piloting skills.
    Anyways, it's fun to listen to your enthusiasm about games and gaming.

  • Darkling

    Very fun! I myself have good memories of Dark Forces, the very first one

  • SheanaM

    I was trying to figure out where the heck that opening sketch was going, then the punchline hit and I got very angry.

    Keep forgetting that I have one of the KOTOR games on Steam, I really need to get around to checking it out one of these days. Checked out that Old Republic MMO briefly when it came out, didn't hold my interest long. Was briefly impressed that they had an actual bulky body type choice for your character, a rarity in most games, but for whatever reason the arms were weirdly short and stumpy. It was like playing a T-Rex, could NOT take characters with that build seriously.

    On another note, the whole 'punch the reporter' thing was a running joke in all three Mass Effect games! Khalisah goads and digs at you every time, and in the final game she dodges your punch with a delighted NOT THIS TIME and then you either get punched back or headbutt her.

    • Yeah, I was with a friend when he did the Mass Effect 2 punch Kris talked about. We both screamed with laughter and visibly recoiled, INSANE moment. Having said that, some of the other renegade interrupts in ME2 were pure art.

    • Guest

      I don't know anyone personally whose interest *was* held long on SWTOR (the MMO). The first run through with any character pretty much was all the game had to offer. Yes, they added more raids. Yes, they added more things to collect. Yes, they made it all about grinding and didn't add any real content after the initial release. Within a year, my friends and I were all done with it. (Graphics really didn't enter into our decisions.)

  • Kyle_Douglas

    Oh wow, you hear these other games come up pretty often but boy is it a real treat to hear reminiscence about Rebel Assault and Desktop Adventures. I'm terrified to play/see Rebel Assault ever again since in my rose-tinted memories it's one of the most beautiful games of all time because it blew my mind in '93… and I'm sure it doesn't hold up.

    I think I agree with Paul on Jedi Outcast being the best of the entire Star Wars gaming stable, but it is a bit of a love-hate relationship. I mean, I know I'll never manage to be #1 on the list of "Best Kyles" so that's a little kick in the teeth. Oh, and for the record, Paul was right both times he tried to remember a game where you did the AT-AT tripping sequence, since Shadows of the Empire did indeed have a Hoth level.

    Also for the record, Kris was super-right about Pakku being a name from Avatar and he was, in fact, a water bending teacher. I, on the other hand, thought it was the name of the red panda in Korra. Who is actually named Pabu.

    In deference to my failure, I have transferred 500 nerd points to Kris and given him full authorship rights on my many, many Downton/Star Wars fanfics including the wildly popular "Mr. Bates is Promoted to Jedi Master" and its sequel, "Master Bates Turns to the Dark Side to Stop People Laughing at His Name."

    • If you can find a way to get desktop adventures running on Windows 8… 😀

      • Kyle_Douglas

        I found this thread that's 9 years old. Now Yoda Stories is twice that old, but amazingly the fix link (in the 4th reply) from the thread still works.
        Not sure if the same fix for Indiana Jones works or not. Probably?

        I couldn't get it to "install", but in the same directory as the single audio dll file you need to replace ("WINMIX32") is an exe called "YODESK" which runs the game directly. If you're using the original CD for the game (mine still works, apparently!) just copy everything off of it into a folder.

        That dark necromancy fixed it for me on Windows 8!

  • Devin Parker

    Okay, wait a second – I'm still listening to it – and enjoying it, thanks for doing this show – but did you guys actually say that because a game was "no longer canon," it wasn't fun any more?

    • Hey mate! I was being melodramatic – I'm on record as being pretty pissed about the EU being ditched, and whilst I wish they hadn't blanket ditched canon for KOTOR, Dark Forces, etc. (especially with the KOTOR series, as it's arguably so far before the films it couldn't possibly impact them). So I'm still a little bitter. I'll continue to play and enjoy them, though, so ignore my terse attitude at times!

  • Giggleloop

    The only Star Wars game I can remember playing was the one where you were on rails (in space) flying around and around a Star Destroyer, shooting at it & incoming Tie Fighters, trying to blow them up. I’ve no idea what game that was. I think I might have tried my hand at the original Dark Forces also? But this was before I had any FPS skills, so I didn’t last long. I watched my husband play DF though & when he finished it, I got him a shirt from the Lucasarts store that said “I Conquered Dark Forces”. He wore it with pride. 🙂

  • Nathan_Deane

    I'm just catching up on all these episodes, really enjoying it so far. Am I the only one with fond memories of Shadows of the Empire? It felt like a (non-sprite based) 3D spiritual successor to the first Dark Forces. Plus it had the cool "Totally-Not-The-Millenium-Falcon" ship "The Outrider" too.

    A lot of good fun with the Rogue Squadron games too, they got really punishing after a while. I remember you actually had to dogfight some Tie-D's which my brother and i thought were just wooden Tie fighters, what with being made of about 8 polys.

    But I've got a lot of grumpiness towards the new Battlefront. First, why in gods name did we need a reboot? There were TWO GAMES! Battlefront, Battlefront 2, and now Battlefront again. Most of what I've heard about it is pointing towards EA's tendrils of cash-leeching doom corrupting the final product, with map counts lower than either of the first two games. I do recall a time where the point of sequels was to have more things than the first iterations, but I guess being a reboot it can cut anything it wants, right?

    Ed: Final thing, you guys are making it real hard for me to never install iTunes or create an AppleID on principles, is there anything else I could do to be supportive?

  • JKB

    Hey! It's the police chief! At the police station!

    There's been a crime! Get Sharpe!

    Haven't heard that voice in a while. : D