Episode 2 – The One About Bloodborne


We return with talk about Bloodborne, Hidetaka Miyazaki’s spiritual heir to the Dark Souls series, and why Kris was afraid to like it. Paul — unburdened with child — has played many more hours and loves it to bits. 

We appreciate the comments, ratings and reviews on iTunes! And as mentioned at the end of the podcast, here’s where to find us in person next:

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  • "i'm pulver hoven"

  • TonyLF

    You both are fantastic!!!

  • dtthelegend

    A few things…
    I love this podcast. 10/10.
    Gascoigne is pronounced 'Gas-coin'.
    What are your guy's thoughts about playing indie games?

    • I'm a HUGE indie game fan. We'll be talking about indie titles next ep, I believe!

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  • Renata_V

    Loved the podcast 🙂
    I also had a church attached to my primary school. Never really gave it a second thought.

  • David

    Great Podcast! Followed a link Kris posted on twitter and I'm really glad I did. Going to go listen to episode 1 now, really helps keeping me focused as I work. Hm, that sounds like a weird commercial testimonial, anyway, thanks! Looking forward to more from you two!

  • Derek

    Awesome stuff, guys! You've actually convinced me to give bloodborne a shot!

    Can't wait for the next ep!
    Can't wait to priest you so hard.

  • SCH

    Just listened to both of them. Liked them both immensely. Glad to have my rough work day today broken up by something entertaining and funny.

    Paul – you sound like you were a really hilarious child, and now the same, but also a man
    Kris – as usual, you're a national treasure

    How did you decide on the name 28 Plays Later, when you both seem a bit timid of the truely scary moments of games & movies? Also, how did you know that was exactly how many times I played my Xbox before it RROD? creeeeepy

  • blamstokel

    Dark Souls was one of my favorite games ever, and Bloodborne so far has consumed my time and attention pretty much completely for the past couple weeks. I can't get enough of piecing together vague bits of lore to get the bigger picture. These games are probably the best archaeology games available, both in the Indiana Jones and the actual archaology senses.