Episode 1 – The One About Dying Light


In our launch episode, we talk about Dying Light, but end up discussing Battlefield: Hardline, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Paul’s never-to-be-released Zomnombulist.

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  • susistuart

    Man, I haven't thought of Wooly Willy for probably 30 years.

  • Holly Jane

    PAUL VERHOEVEN! Australia represent! So sad I missed out on the orchestra, this somewhat makes up for it!

  • Glen N

    This was terrific. Funny guys, interesting conversation, looking forward to future episodes.

  • SheanaM

    Gosh, Wooly Willy. Now there's a name that wouldn't fly in the slightest today. I actually played with one of those! Which makes me one of like, five people.

    Maaaaan Borderlands is 100% my jam, I adore BL2 and Pre-Sequel. I'd play the hell outta it with y'all if I could! Unfortunately, I'm strictly a computer gamer at the moment, I haven't been able to keep up with consoles for about a decade. Curse the tyranny of machines!

  • Sliced Carrot

    Hey, great new show! Looking forward to the next episode. I don’t play alot of zombie games, even as a big horror person, they are for some reason *way* too intense for me. Ooh, and speaking of zombies as a result of evolution, The Girl With All the Gifts is an incredibly good book about zombies, really recommend it.

  • asdasd

    I really enjoyed this. Skip skoplla boo

  • giggleloop

    Great first episode! I enjoyed it thoroughly. I second Sheana in that I would love to play any/all Borderlands with y'all. But currently I only have them on Steam. My husband plans on getting the Handsome Collection soon as he hasn't played any of the games, but he's in Arkansas, which doesn't help me. Phooey! But if you decide to Steam it up, let me know!

    I look forward to many Fortnights of Fun ™.

  • Thanks for all the feedback, guys! Episode 2 will be somewhat more… ambitious, I guess? Anyway, Kris and I are having a ball and ep 2 will be up in mere days from now. Feel free to pop up a review on iTunes and give a star rating – it's the best way to get us up the charts!

  • Now, wait a minute. If zombies aren't racist, then why does the black guy always die first? Huh? Food for your thoughts.

  • Thomas Gagnon

    So I’m over a year late to this, but I’ve finally started listening to old episodes and what you describe with the zombies being happy and us invading their utopia is pretty much the basis of the Richard Matheson book I Am Legend. It’s a fantastic book and although I’m a sucker for Will Smith movies, the book is nothing the most recent movie from 2007. There is more similarity to the first two movies The Last Man on Earth (1964), and The Omega Man (1971)