Episode 67 – The One With Your Burning Questions


You asked us questions on our Facebook page, and we answer in this big episode! We get ready for No Man’s Sky, a throng of P.T. clones (like Visage), the release of Starbound, and Paul gets tasked by Mikey Neumann to describe NES titles he’s never played based on their title screens.

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Episode 66: The One About Ghosts and Busting Them

A broad, whimsical conversation gets a little serious as Paul and Kris talk about the new game Inside (from the studio that brought us the lovely LIMBO), and the 2009 Ghostbusters video game — which brings us to the audience reaction to the new movie, and what makes genuine conversation so difficult. It’s a tricky look at degrees of outrage, both well-placed and not.

Plus! Detective Frostycone “Frost” Slushbottom finally gets a video game adaptation!

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Episode 65 – The One About Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go: is it tearing the world apart, or heralding a new era of peace? Paul and Kris describe their very different experiences playing the game, plus a foray into black-market Pokémon meat, which Pokémon is most likely to rise up against humanity, and we announce the winner of the Australian PS4 Uncharted 4 console giveaway — Victor Mahnic, who won us over with this young-Paul-esque cardboard “sympathy console:”


Plus! You can check out Paul’s article on the game at Junkee.

Thanks so much for listening, everyone! As we prepare for next week, we’d love your comments and emails, so write with whatever’s on your mind! Can we help? Of course the answer is yes, but how? 

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Episode 64 – The One With All The Legos


Paul has Legomania for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we discuss your ideas for other franchises that deserve the Lego treatment (and give away a prize!). Plus, a letter from Paul’s dad, low-poly breast geometry and Clarence’s angel-wing scam.

Episode 63 – The One About Ramblin’ Dads


Encouraged by a recent event, Paul helps Kris find a game his dad can play, but there are a number of caveats — which leads to talking about how games and what we think of as gameplay has changed. Plus we dissect listeners’ ideas for 28 Plays merch, and a swordfight with Nigel Farage.

GIVEAWAY: On our Facebook page, we’re giving away a download code for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Steam! Like us and let us know: what prominent franchise do you think should get the Lego game treatment? Best answer wins!

Episode 62 – The One With Paul On Painkillers

Paul moved house and had emergency dental surgery, but still had the will to check in with our listeners in this short episode. We talk about E3 and what we’ve been following before Paul lapses into tooth aphasia. We’ll bring you our takes on E3 reveals next week!


Episode 61 – The One With Legion


Part two of our huge visit to Irvine, California and the Blizzard offices! In this episode, the day after the Warcraft movie premiere, we get a hands-on NDA-controlled look at the upcoming WoW expansion Legion, plus big interviews with Blizzard creatives Cory Stockton (Lead Game Designer), Julian Morris (Lead Game Designer) and James Waugh (Director, Story and Creative Development).

Then it’s off to tour the Blizzard campus, and retire to the hotel room for a new taxonomy of human secondary sexual characteristics, ways to tell royalty from commoners, and the effects of codeine on two very sleepy boys.

Huge thanks to Blizzard ANZ for making this all possible! Next episode: our E3 review! Cheers!

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Episode 60 – LIVE From the Warcraft Movie Premiere


Paul and Kris fly to Hollywood, CA to see the Warcraft movie world premiere! We spent time on the red carpet frontlines, chat with Ben Schulz aka Leeroy Jenkins, take a pauldron spike in the eye with Jamie Lee Curtis, and review the movie afterwards in the spectacular Hotel Irvine.

Huge thanks to Blizzard ANZ for this amazing trip — and this episode is just the first half. Next week, we take a hands-on look at the upcoming WoW expansion Legion, interview lead designers and loremasters, and tour the Blizzard corporate campus!

And much more extra content is going up at our Patreon. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 59.5 – The One Before Big 60

Hi all! A half-episode this week as we prep for our biggest 60th episode ever! And one of our biggest episodes period. This week, we talk about Overwatch and its myriad lore hookpoints that ensnared Paul.


Episode 59 – The One With Paul In VR


Paul tries the Vive and he likes it! Plus Overwatch, Salt and Sanctuary, and an EXCLUSIVE interview with a very Australian-sounding Gabe Newell in our new segment, You Must Remember Kris.

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