Episode 58 – The One With DOOM and No Man’s Sky


Let Kris and Paul drip excitedly into your ears about 2016’s Doom (we thought we wouldn’t like it — we were incorrect!) and the forthcoming No Man’s Sky, as well as a discussion of rumors and feelings of player entitlement. It’s a lot to chew on in this week’s episode!

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Episode 57 – The One With Battleborn and Uncharted 4


Woop! Don’t break your knees scrambling to listen to this full-size episode touching on Battleborn (we love it), Uncharted 4 (Paul really loves it), and your email on marketing a game to the wrong audience. Plus, Paul’s dad returns with a horoscope for one unlucky listener!

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Episode 56 – The Short One With Sinister Delights

In this mini-episode, Paul tells us a bit about his great Battleborn co-op experience, the press junket life, and his hotel in Sydney where nightmares spring to hellish life! Plus, Kris waxes about the impenetrability of the MOBA community. How can we get in there?!

And, here are the recipients of our Banner Saga 2 on Steam giveaway:

  • TJ Shields, for his uncouth — un-Kvothe? — road trip disaster
  • Sean Doyle, for unending train torture
  • Rudy Schuepbach, for a tale of undercooked chicken

Plus a new announcement — Paul is reviving his weekly nerd news roundup for Chainsawsuit Original! It’s called Nerds of a Feather and you can check it out right here!

Episode 55 – The One With Alex Preston


In this week’s show, Kris talks to Alex Preston, lead developer/creator/designer of the incredible Hyper Light Drifter, about wearing many hats, becoming a game developer, mortality, and need to fight big-money concrete lobbyists. Plus, Paul takes a look at the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst beta, and makes a special holiday wish for a little more magic — kinda.

Coming to our Patreon this week is an extended cut of the interview! Thanks for listening, all!

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Episode 54 – The One With Cheatin’ Muggy Duggy


Back in the saddle again! Kris and Paul tackle the idea of cheating in a game — what defines it? Is it always wrong? Especially in the context of the two difficult games they’re playing: Dark Souls 3 and Hyper Light Drifter.

PLUS a look at the hidden talents of Michael Douglas, and a Third Eye Blind retrospective.

Catch Kris this weekend in Boston at PAX East! Here’s where — and be sure to let him know what you think of the episode in person!! Don’t be shy. He can be violent, but he’s very tired.

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Pixels: The Worst 28 Plays Later of All Time


It’s a crossover episode! Which means its canon, people! Paul rented an actual hotel room in which to watch Adam Sandler’s interminable Pixels with Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery from The Worst Idea of All Time podcast! It was an utterly horrific evening, and what you’re about to hear is the heady aftermath.

There’s jokes, exhaustion, and a legitimately jarring mash-up of both show’s theme songs. Enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe to The Worst Idea of All Time, you toned, chiseled dummos!

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Episode 52 – The One Where We Play Dark Souls 3

In this special episode, Paul and Kris actually cooperatively play the game they’re talking about — and it’s Dark Souls 3! You can listen to just the audio, or watch at Chainsawsuit Original. Despite a video glitch that dealt us a From Software-esque blow, it’s 40 minutes of chopping, flask-drinking, parapet-admiring mischief.


Episode 51: The Short One About Dark Souls 3


A wiped-out Paul and Kris dive into Dark Souls 3, keeping it spoiler-free. Light your bonfire under this short episode, and get ready for a big surprise next week!


Episode 50 – The One With Our Top 10 Games Of All Time


Happy 50th podcast-iversary! We kick off with a special message for our 50th show, and then Kris and Paul launch into their individual Top 10 Games Of All Time lists. Plus your top picks as well! Here’s to fifty more, 28 Plays Laterers!


Episode 49 – The One About Tom Clancy’s The Division


New York City has been ravaged by a deadly strain of influenza spread via cold hard cash. Now it’s up to Paul and Kris to restore order in a city laid low by the Dollar Flu, in the excellent Tom Clancy’s The Division. We discuss what we love about the game — and veer into a related discussion of being fortunate enough to enjoy something that feels too real, too possible, and politically charged.

Plus, a joke about skateboarding on someone’s dick. All the dizzying intellectual highs and lows you’ve come to expect from 28 Plays Later!

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